Chain of Custody.

The first platform to address all stages of your business from beginning to end.
Track everything and everyone to improve all business processes, reduce costs and gain new efficiencies.

The "Amazon" Platform Model - Source, Logistics to Customer Sale

7 Steps to complete compliance, cost containment and customer delivery
(Easily implemented and accessed for companies of any size, anywhere)


1. Scan

2. Record on Blockchain


3. Track by Scan QR Code

4. Track to Customer Sale


5. Track to Product

6. Track & Pay

7. Report for Regulatory Compliance

Track and trace like never before

Digital Lender Technology with QR Code Tracking from - start to finish, Every Step - Through the Final Sale
  • Eliminate fraud
  • Create 100% product quality and efficiency
  • Hold everyone accountable - trust and immutable record
  • Compliance and multiple levels of access

Track and trace like never before

1. Solve the key tracking problems for organizations
  • Compliant shopping carts online
  • Age verification
  • Transaction validation and compliance
  • Payment processing without shutdown risk
  • Tracking and reporting for regulatory
2. Source to Sale Tracking Solutions
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain
3 . Medical prescribing and compliance solution
  • Link to professionals
  • Doctor tools
  • Patient services
  • Links to suppliers
  • CBD Dispensaries and manufacturers' validation of supplies
4. Financial Services
  • Account opening
  • Issuer offerings
  • Due diligence
  • NDAVault
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Compliant correspondence

Tracking with Multiple Authority Levels and Real-Time View

Complete Line of Sight 100% Proof of Process

Track Everything Complete Line of Sight

  • Know everything that's going on
  • Track it to see who's taking action
  • Respond, direct, and complete with max productivity

No Solution Provides Complete Control of Your Business - Until Now

Blockchain authenticated tracking and supply chain transparency - technology for real-time regulation compliance, tracking and regulatory auditing.